Crucified with Christ!

Crucified with Christ

Dear Convergence Family,

I was reading Galatians 2:20 yesterday, which reads:
“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me…”
In my devotional the author talks about how this refers to a breaking of our “individual independence of God” and allowing Christ to use our lives as He wills. In other words, my aspirations apart from Christ are given up so that Christ can use my life however He sees fit.

There are many times where I pause and think about my life and wonder if I’m creating anything of great worth. There are also times when I compare myself to others who are more successful and wonder if my life will ever be “put together.” After reading Galatians 2:20, however, I believe that I’m supposed to be willing to crucify my picture of life that I’m trying to fulfill in order for Christ to use my life however He chooses. In that case, maybe what I consider to be a waste of time is actually a divine moment that God wants to use. Maybe what I see as an interruption to my great plan for my life is actually God’s will for my life. Maybe I have it all backwards. Maybe the things that I think are getting in the way of my success are the things that God wants me to stop and consider.

My hope and prayer is that God will use me for His glory.
My hope and prayer is that I truly mean it.

For His glory,

Pastor Bobby