Convergence Retreat 2017 – Beginnings

Join us December 1-3 for our annual retreat at the Mount Hermon Conference Center. This will be a time for our entire church to gather together for times of rest, reflection, and renewal. Our theme was inspired by the many testimonies, stories and challenges that have formed the fabric of our community this year. We are reminded by the work of Jesus that while God always meets us where we are, He is also the God that makes all things new.

Registration has already started online and the deadline for registration and payment is October 31st. Please register online for the “Beginnings” Convergence Retreat 2017 HERE!

As you’ve heard, the true cost of the retreat for each adult is $250, $125 for kids aged 5+. We want to clarify how payment will work. This year, we wanted to be transparent about the actual cost for participation, but we will be using a sliding scale option to allow each person and family to choose what they would like to pay. We encourage you to think through your finances and pay what you are able. For some, that may be less than $250/person, and for some that may be more to help generously subsidize costs for others. Our hope is that everyone, regardless of financial status, would be able to attend the retreat!

We also need 4-5 people to help with coordinating food, games, and other activities. If you are interested in joining the retreat team or if you have any specific questions, contact Becca at