Watering Your Soul!

Dear Convergence Family, I’m so excited for this upcoming season of ministry! I can sense that God is doing something in the midst of our church community. I keep hearing from people that they’re praying more, reading the Bible more, and having a greater sense of the Spirit’s presence in their lives. It’s both encouraging […]

Redeem the Text!

Dear Convergence Family, Living in this information age definitely creates tension for me. For instance, I love the fact that I can call or text anyone at anytime from anywhere. Simultaneously, I hate the distraction that calls and texts can create when something or someone else has my attention. That being said, I want to […]

Walk Together (or Run)!

Dear Convergence Family, Every Monday I go running with a couple brothers from church. This past Monday, one of the brothers happened to be out of town so I was thinking “day off” in my mind.  Then I got a text from the other brother asking if we were still running. I took a minute […]

True Sobriety

Dear Convergence Family, I recently heard it said, “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.” – Johann Hari This quote definitely challenges our perspective of health and wholeness. First of all, I believe that ALL of us wrestle with addiction. A theologian once said that the Biblical definition of […]

Burn Bright!

Dear Convergence Family,   I spent the bulk of my week meeting with each of the elders sharing about what I believe the Holy Spirit is leading our church into in this upcoming season of our journey. In one of my meetings, one of the elders shared with me his conviction to burn bright into […]

Together in Mission!

Dear Convergence Family, I’m on a plane right now heading to a denominational gathering in Pasadena. As I have been preparing for the conference, I have been encouraged and reinvigorated by the reality that we don’t do ministry alone. The reality is: we are part of a larger family on mission. In fact, I am […]