Tiny Town

Tots Town is a safe space for babies and young toddlers, ages 0 to 2.5, to gather during our worship service. Tiny Town is an environment where kids can come to have fun, feel loved, and be introduced to the gospel message.

Tots Town

Tots Town is an intentional space where toddlers and young children, ages 2.5 to 4, gather during our worship service. During Tots Town kids learn about God in a safe, clean and loving atmosphere. Tots Town is the beginning of our church’s discipleship pipeline and it feeds into Kids Town. Tots Town prepares students for Kids Town by introducing them to simple biblical truths through songs, stories, and pictures.

Kids Town

Kids Town is a fun, welcoming, and safe space for kids ages 4 to 12. Every Sunday, we gather to experience and learn about God’s word, promises, and love for His people. A typical Sunday class is centered around worshipping and celebrating God through a dynamic mix of music/dance, stories, crafts, skits, and games. Our hope is to be a thriving, gospel-centered ministry where any child – regardless of background and beliefs feel welcomed. We hope to see your kids join us every week starting at 10:30am (Kids Town is held during the main worship service)!