Give Sideways

Give SidewaysGive Sideways was founded on the principle that the practice of living a generous life isn’t reserved for an elite few, but something that is accessible to all.  Living generously doesn’t require having a lot of money – it just requires a different way of thinking.

We live in a culture that creates constant excess.  We all have goods in our lives that we no longer use, that have the potential to be used in greater ways.

To that end, we started with a simple question.

What if we could crowdsource goods, sell them, and donate the proceeds to a charity?

In our first campaign, we went to a college campus and asked students to donate textbooks.  We ended up raising $1000 for a charity serving low-income preschools – not by donors contributing money, but goods they already had.

What’s even better are the outcomes from donated books:  We created a job during the campaign, employing a person to list the textbooks, sell, and fulfill the resulting orders.  The charity used the $1000 grant from Give Sideways to furnish curriculum for classrooms and train more volunteers.

We’re continuing with the concept with a greater variety in both the goods we work with, and the charities we’ll benefit.  We invite you to join us in giving sideways!

Check out the website here.