Come Join Us this Sunday Evening!

Dear Convergence Family,   In case you haven’t heard, we are having a gathering on November 2nd from 5pm to 8pm called “Renovate.”  What is this? and Why are we doing this?   In any journey, there comes a moment when it is both healthy and necessary to pause, reflect, reassess, and adjust.  We’re about […]

Convergence News 12/2/2010

(from Pastor Bobby Lee) Hey Everyone, The last few months has definitely been an exciting time of ministry as we’ve stretched ourselves to love our community! The launch of “Family Nights” in West Oakland has been amazing!  It’s been great meeting new families in the community and it’s been humbling to hear their response.  Our emerging […]

Convergence Weekly 11/2/2010

Hey Everyone, I have to say that it’s an exciting season of ministry!  Life groups have launched, we piloted our first Family Night at deFremery Park last week, we’re forming a new partnership with MLK JR Elementary School in W. Oakland as well as Faith Network of the East Bay, Operation Christmas Child is underway, […]

Convergence Weekly 8/1/2010

Hey Convergence Family!!! I wanted to let you know that we have a special guest preacher this Sunday. Pastor Abel Orozco is the church planter of Jesus the Recreator Covenant Church in San Jose, CA. He’s an incredible preacher and we have the privilege of having him share a word with us at Convergence! I […]

Convergence Weekly 7/7/2010

Hey Everyone, I hope you’re having a great and blessed week!!!  It’s definitely been a week of mixed emotions. I have been immersed in prayer and Scripture which has been powerful and challenging at the same time.  I’ve been watching the news as the Oscar Grant verdict is imminent.  I was able to be a part of the prayer […]

Convergence Weekly 7/1/2010

Dear Friends, I don’t want to write too much here, because I want us to be in a posture of prayer for our city, but I do want to make sure that a couple of logistical things are clarified… 1.  Next Sunday (7/11), WE’LL BE MEETING AT 5PM AT PRESERVATION PARK!!! deFremery is having an event, so for […]

Convergence Weekly 6/26/2010

Dear Convergence Family! It has been an action packed week for me as I’ve spent the last few days with global leaders from all over the world talking about partnership in the mission of God!  It’s amazing and humbling to hear about the church planting movement overseas. One man from India has planted 400 churches […]