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Renovate_SimpleGraphic Dear Convergence Family,


In case you haven’t heard, we are having a gathering on November 2nd from 5pm to 8pm called “Renovate.”  What is this? and Why are we doing this?


In any journey, there comes a moment when it is both healthy and necessary to pause, reflect, reassess, and adjust.  We’re about to begin our seventh year as a church and I believe that we are at that moment.  There are things to be pruned, things to be cultivated, and new things to be imagined! In order to grow into the future as a healthy and vibrant church, we need all of us as a diverse and unified body of Christ to pour into the establishing of our church for the future.  We need our whole presence and our whole participation so that we can truly be a whole church.  Even if you’ve joined our church in the last week, this is an opportunity to jump in and be a part of shaping our future.


You can find details for “Renovate” (how to RSVP, location, time, etc.) HERE.  I really want to encourage you to RSVP and join us!



In partnership with you,



Pastor Bobby


Beautiful and Eternal!

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Dear Convergence Family,

I was so blessed to be able to officiate the wedding of Stephen and Kathy Mew this past weekend in Maui! It was absolutely beautiful. As I was enjoying spending time with the Convergence folks that were able to make it out and reflecting on Stephen and Kathy’s journey to marriage, I was deeply encouraged. It is so encouraging to know that Jesus has been, is, and will continue to work through our church to form marriages, birth new life, and restore relationships with God and with one another. It was such a testament to the life giving nature of Christ’s body – Convergence.

I want to encourage you to take one step closer in engaging with the church. If you’ve been following us from a distance (online), I encourage you to join us for worship on Sunday (10:30am at DeFremery Park, Oakland). If you’ve been attending our services on Sunday, I encourage you to join a Life Group ( If you’ve been attending service and are part of a Life Group, I encourage you to serve and pursue covenant membership with Convergence ( Only God knows what the future holds. But I am certain that following Him will lead us to that which is both beautiful and eternal.

In His Amazing Grace,

Pastor Bobby

Convergence News 12/2/2010

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(from Pastor Bobby Lee)

Hey Everyone,

The last few months has definitely been an exciting time of ministry as we’ve stretched ourselves to love our community!

The launch of “Family Nights” in West Oakland has been amazing!  It’s been great meeting new families in the community and it’s been humbling to hear their response.  Our emerging partnership with Martin Luther King, Jr Elementary School and Faith Network has been developing as well.  It’s been great to hear that our people are getting trained by Faith Network to become tutors and mentors!  60 shoe box gifts went out to via Operation Christmas Child this year! 60 children will be absolutely blessed because you took the time to create a shoebox gift for them!  Amazing!  It’d also incredible to hear that over 15 people volunteered to serve with Habitat for Humanity in East Oakland!  If you’ve joined us on Sundays for the past month, I’m sure you’ve also felt the blessing of our hospitality ministry coordinating lunch every week!  It has been so great to see everyone eat and talk with new people!  My heart is overjoyed with gladness!

Yes, I’m using tons of exclamation points because THIS IS EXCITING NEWS!!! 🙂

With all of this blessing and with all of this excitement, I am even more convicted to pray.  I’m in prayer more and am asking that you also be in prayer for Convergence.  I’m reminded that there is a spiritual battle that is present and that is about forces that are unseen.  So, pray with me.  Let’s continue to life one another up and encourage one another as we move forward for the Kingdom!

On a logistical note, I wanted to remind everyone that we’re potlucking this Sunday!  Please bring something to share and if you’re up for it, bring a dish that will compete in our monthly Ultimate Food Championship!!! This month’s theme is: “Stews and Casseroles”

Privileged to Serve You,

Convergence Weekly 11/2/2010

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Hey Everyone,

I have to say that it’s an exciting season of ministry!  Life groups have launched, we piloted our first Family Night at deFremery Park last week, we’re forming a new partnership with MLK JR Elementary School in W. Oakland as well as Faith Network of the East Bay, Operation Christmas Child is underway, the November Habitat for Humanity team in East Oakland is forming, and lunch is being served on Sundays!!!  I’m both amazed and humbled at the way everyone is participating in God’s movement here in Oakland.  People’s lives are being changed because all of you are willing to act!  God’s Kingdom is advancing into new territory because you have been willing to be creative with ministry! I am so grateful to be a part of Convergence!

I want to remind you that we’re potlucking this Sunday!!!  The UFC belt is up for grabs and the theme is: Favorite Thanksgiving Food!  So, bring something to share and/or bring something to enter in the competition. If you have questions about the potluck, you can email Laura Chou at

I also want to remind you that you get ONE EXTRA HOUR OF SLEEP this Sunday!  I’m sure you won’t forget that one. 🙂

We’re going to be continuing our series through Philippians and will be teaching/preaching on the Trinity this Sunday.  My hope is that we’ll see the communal essence of God and know that we are truly birthed out of love.  So, don’t miss it and invite your friends and enemies.  (Yes, you read it correctly – enemies).  Invite people that you typically wouldn’t so that they might hear the gospel of Christ, experience the fellowship of believers, and possibly participate in the Kingdom of God!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bobby Lee

Convergence Weekly 9/3/2010

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Hey Everyone,

It’s crazy that Labor Day weekend is here! To me, it marks the end of summer (though it’s not the technical end) and I can’t believe how the time has flown by. Well, we’re going to hold on to the summer by having our monthly potluck this Sunday! If you haven’t signed up to bring something already, please go this link ( and let us know what you’re bringing. Also, don’t forget about our Ultimate Food Champion competition! Make your best dish with cheese in it and bring it to church for a chance to win the coveted Champion’s Belt for a month! Also, bring comfortable clothes because we’ll be playing some ultimate frisbee (and other sports) in the park.

This Sunday, we’re also going to be closing out our sermon series on Jonah. We’ll be studying chapter 4 and exploring the radical compassion of God. Invite your friends and neighbors out this Sunday to enjoy a time of worship, prayer, study of the Bible, potluck, and summer fun!!!

See you Sunday!!!

Grace and Peace,

Bobby Lee

Convergence Weekly – 8/19/2010

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Hey Everyone

I hope you are having a great week!!!  There is so much going on at Convergence right now, but I want to highlight a few key things that are right around the corner…

Life Groups Launch Next Week!!!
I know that we’ve been talking about this for the past month, but I want to reiterate one last time (okay, I might talk about it again next week too.;)) that we are launching Life Groups at Convergence next week. The first groups will be meeting on Tuesday, 8/25!!!  I highly encourage you to check out a group and jump into community with people.  I have shared in conversations, sermons, and blogs how it is necessary for us to be in community in order to experience more of God.  So, I REALLY encourage you to participate in a Life Group. More information on the vision, purpose, and logistics of Life Groups can be found at:

Habitat for Humanity
A group of people at our church are getting their hands dirty this Saturday by building a home for someone in need (East Oakland) via the ministry of Habitat for Humanity!!!  If you’re interested in living out your faith in a tangible way, contact Rebecca Craft at to get connected with this incredible serving opportunity.  There is a pre-party and an after-party for those participating which is yet another reason to join us on Saturday. 🙂

CCDA Conference
This September 7-11 is the national Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) Conference in Chicago! This conference is a training for Christians who already or desire to be serving in under-resourced communities. There are a number of different tracks. The seminars and workshops are led by church leaders and professionals who are in a variety of fields such as urban ministry, youth ministry, community development and economic development.  More information on the conference can be found at:  Contact Melanie Nuni for more information There are many opportunities here for you to get involved in the life of the church and in the life of the community.  I want to both encourage and challenge you to take a chance and grab onto one of these amazing opportunities!
Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bobby

Convergence Weekly 8/1/2010

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Hey Convergence Family!!!

I wanted to let you know that we have a special guest preacher this Sunday. Pastor Abel Orozco is the church planter of Jesus the Recreator Covenant Church in San Jose, CA. He’s an incredible preacher and we have the privilege of having him share a word with us at Convergence! I highly recommend inviting your friends to service this Sunday.

We’re also having our monthly potluck this Sunday after service as well. I know that there’s going to be some grilling going on, so make sure to stay after service for a bit. There’s no theme for this potluck but will have one for September’s. Why is there a theme you ask? Because we compete for the Ultimate Food Champion! Check out the coveted belt that you get to keep for a month if you’re the winner:

Brian Lum took this month’s competition with an amazing guacamole! Ask him for the recipe and he’ll respond with vague items and amounts (a pinch of this and a sprinkle of this). Yeah, it’s real competition. 😉

Much Grace and Much Peace to All of You!!!


Convergence Weekly 7/7/2010

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Hey Everyone,

I hope you’re having a great and blessed week!!!  It’s definitely been a week of mixed emotions. I have been immersed in prayer and Scripture which has been powerful and challenging at the same time.  I’ve been watching the news as the Oscar Grant verdict is imminent.  I was able to be a part of the prayer vigil that took place this past Monday night at Oakland City Hall which was inspiring.  The time of prayer definitely helped confirm a strong conviction to pour our lives into the youth of Oakland.  I know that youth ministry has been on a lot our hearts and minds and I’m asking that you continue to pray with us as we seek God for direction and wisdom moving forward with this.

I also want to remind you of some important logistics and such for the upcoming weeks…

This Sunday we’re going to be meeting at PRESERVATION PARK (1233 Preservation Park Way, Oakland, CA 94612) at 5PM!!!  deFeremery has an event this Sunday so we had to make the change for THIS SUNDAY ONLY!!!

Baptism is on 7/18!!!  We’re going to be having baptisms on 7/18 after service.  If you’re interested in being baptized, please contact me at

After the baptism, we’re going to be having our monthly potluck!!! There is a sign-up sheet at the information table on Sundays for food.  Don’t forget that the potluck also includes a “Guac-off!!!” So, bring your best guacamole and see if you have what it takes to win!!!  Our last month’s “Comfort Food” winners (Martin and Aileen Bruce) have a message for everyone:

“Since Aileen and I won the last Convergence potluck contest with our
world-famous chili, we thought it would be most appropriate for us to get a UFC belt (Ultimate Food Championship). If someone is able to dethrone us at the guac-off, then we will humbly pass the belt on to the winner. However, Aileen and I do plan on putting up a good fight. May the best guac win!”
Check out the Championship Belt!

Blessings and Peace,


Convergence Weekly 7/1/2010

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Dear Friends,

I don’t want to write too much here, because I want us to be in a posture of prayer for our city, but I do want to make sure that a couple of logistical things are clarified…

1.  Next Sunday (7/11), WE’LL BE MEETING AT 5PM AT PRESERVATION PARK!!! deFremery is having an event, so for 7/11 SUNDAY SERVICE ONLY, we’ll be back at our old stomping grounds at our old time.  Mark your
calendars for this change!!!

2.  Baptisms on 7/18!!!  We’re going to have baptisms after service on 7/18 and will also be having our monthly potluck.  This month’s theme is “Guac-Off,” so bring out your best guacamole and see how it compares with everyone else’s!  We’ll also be barbecuing as well.  If you are interested in being baptized, please contact me at for more info.

3.  Life Groups are launching at Convergence!!!  We’re in the process of inviting leaders, creating the processes, and praying through it all since it’s a pretty significant ministry move.  Please pray with us as we begin this process.  If you’re interested in participating, supporting, or leading a group, please contact me at

4.  Journey to Mosaic – There is still room for this month’s Journey to Mosaic!!!  They’re offering discounts for participants.  If you’re a part of Convergence, we are willing to cover your registration costs if you are willing to go (yes, it’s that important to us and it’s that impactful).  Email if you are part of Convergence and want to participate.  More info on J2M at:

Grace and Peace,


Convergence Weekly 6/26/2010

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Dear Convergence Family!

It has been an action packed week for me as I’ve spent the last few days with global leaders from all over the world talking about partnership in the mission of God!  It’s amazing and humbling to hear about the church planting movement overseas. One man from India has planted 400 churches in the past 10 years!  Yeah, I definitely felt like a lazy bum compared to him. 😉   There was an abundance of laughter and tears as we shared stories of joy and pain. We partook in communion and also blessed one another through a Thai string tying ceremony. Powerful moments…
There were many take aways, but one that has been impacting me is the truth that the American church is declining because we are not suffering. We have chosen comfort over Christ and are suffering a different kind of death because of it.  It was definitely a convicting and humbling word.  I’m not sure what this means in terms of action steps, but I’m confident that this will unfold as I take some more time to pray and meditate on this truth.

I know that this is somewhat of a heavy and perhaps piercing update, but as a/your pastor, I want to be honest with you and share the whole message of Christ…

This Sunday, we’re continuing our series called ‘Real Life Fiction’ and looking at Matthew 13: 44-46 where Jesus describes a priceless and costly Kingdom.  Join us this Sunday for worship at deFremery Park starting at 10:30am!

A couple key announcements:

This week after service, we’ll be meeting about launching Life Groups! Life Groups are smaller mid-week communities where people share life, study the word, and participate in mission.  We’ll stay on-site at deFremery for this meeting and have some lunch brought in.  If you’re interested in being a part of forming these new groups, please plan on staying after service.  Feel free to contact me for more info:

Baptisms on 7/18!  We’ll be having baptisms after service on 7/18 and then gathering for a potluck celebration afterwards.  If you’ve never been baptized, and are interested in being baptized, please get in touch with me.

Lastly, meet Irene Cho…  Irene leads our children’s ministry here at Convergence!!!

Whew!!!  That was a lot of information… I hope you made it all the way to the end of this and I hope you continue to live fully for God’s Kingdom in everything you do…

Grace and Peace,


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