Convergence Weekly 9/2/2011

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Dear Convergence Family,

It’s been a milestone week for my family as our twin daughters (Jaci and Sami) started kindergarten on Monday. Terry and I were preparing them with words of encouragement and inspiration, but when I was dropping Sami off at her class, I could feel her hand gripping mine tighter and tighter as we got closer to the classroom. No matter how much I talked to them about it or tired to prepare them for it, the truth is: they were entering into something completely new and that is always scary.

Then, all the kindergarten parents were invited to bagels and coffee with the principal. As Terry and I were entering the room, we literally felt like we were freshmen in high school all over again. There were circles of friends that already existed because they had older children who have been at the school for a few years already or had children that went to the same preschool. Ironically, I was feeling like Sami and Jaci as they entered a whole new world. I was nervous and I was intimidated because I was new.

As I spent some time reflecting on this, I realized that this is what church is like for new people. It’s scary when you don’t know anyone. And, even when someone does talk to you, it’s still uncomfortable to feel like you’re an outsider in the midst of insiders.

In light of this, I want to encourage all of you who have been part of Convergence for months, or even years now, to embrace newcomers at our church with a genuine hospitality. I want to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zones and meet new people who have already made the decision to step outside of theirs. There are new people visiting our church every week and we have a small window of opportunity to welcome them with open arms. And maybe, we may get the privilege of walking with them in this journey of life and faith.

Grace and Peace,

Please read below on fun ways you can partner with us!
WHAT NOW AMERICA’S BACK TO SCHOOL EVENT: On Saturday September 10th, we’ll be helping out with What Now America’s largest event at DeFremery Park, distributing much needed school supplies, helping out with activities, and eating delicious BBQ! We’re looking for volunteers in 2 shifts: 12pm-2:30pm, and 2:30pm-5pm. Please contact Jeff ( for more information or to get signed up!
TUTORING AT MLK ELEMENTARY: We are looking for volunteers to be reading tutors to 2nd and 3rd graders this year at MLK Elementary, which is right here in West Oakland!! The proposed time for now is Mondays from 12:45-2:45, and tutors could come for for the first hour, second hour or both. Please email Jeff Chou at or reply to this email if you can volunteer. We are teaching the next generation how to read!! What is more rewarding than that??

SPORTS MINISTRY: SAVE THE DATE! Sunday, Septmeber 11 after lunch we will be playing old school games like Red Rover, Steal the Bacon, Duck Duck Goose, etc! If you have ideas for games, email them to Stephen Mew at or tell him at church! Otherwise, be there!!

Convergence will hold its first Town Hall meeting during lunch on Sunday 9.18.11. We will spend time revisiting the vision of the church, present an assessment of our church’s health and provide an update on future initiatives. Please join us for this very important meeting.

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY: Our next build day for Habitat is Saturday, September 17 from 8:30-4p. No experience is necessary, and they teach you really handy stuff! Please email David Luoh if you are interested in joining the team, and he will give you info on how to sign-up!