A Thank-You Note from MLK Elementary

This summer, we took a love offering for MLK Elementary School teacher Lindsey Smallwood’s classroom supplies and materials. We received a package of thank-you notes, pictures, and drawings from Lindsey and her students telling us how the supplies have made a difference in their learning. Here’s what Lindsey said: Thank you so much friends at […]

Convergence Weekly 9/24/2011

Dear Convergence Family, As I reflect on this past Sunday’s Town Hall meeting, I’m reminded that church is so much more than what happens on Sunday.  Church is a “community” of faith where we encourage one another, support one another, fight for one another, challenge one another, learn from one another, and love one another. […]

Convergence Weekly 9/2/2011

Dear Convergence Family, It’s been a milestone week for my family as our twin daughters (Jaci and Sami) started kindergarten on Monday. Terry and I were preparing them with words of encouragement and inspiration, but when I was dropping Sami off at her class, I could feel her hand gripping mine tighter and tighter as […]

Convergence News 1/21/2011

Dear Convergence Family! I am so excited for what 2011 has in store as we continue to press on and live for Christ!  I know that with a beginning of any year, there are always resolutions made and goals set and I hope that those resolutions and goals would include a deeper commitment to our […]