Convergence Re-Launch!

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Dear Convergence Leader, Member, Attendee, and/or Visitor,

For those of you who could not attend our member meeting on June 14th, we wanted to share the main thrust of the meeting with you, which had to do with the future of our church and the vision for a “re-launch.”

We began with a re-sharing of our vision and mission:

Our vision is God converging with our lives, changing us to change the world.

Our mission is to hear God, know God, and respond to God.

This is not something that is new for us. It’s not a new direction for us. This is not something that I made up.  This is what I believe to be the word of God that came to me and that inspired the launch of Convergence in the first place.  Why our vision and mission are so crucial to our future is that they undergird everything that we do as a faith community.  We long to see God influence every aspect of our lives and believe that in order to accomplish this, we must hear Him, know Him, and respond to Him.   Our hope is to live out God’s calling for us individually and collectively as a church with faithfulness and perseverance.

Why Re-Launch?

When churches are planted, there are a few characteristics that are deemed to be indicators of health:

  1. A launch team of about 35-40 people.
  2. Planting in the vicinity of the sending church (within 50 miles).
  3. The character of the church planter.

Convergence didn’t have the first or the second characteristic, and the third one (as many of you have come to know) was questionable. 😉  In any case, after seven years of ministry, growing every which way, we are now in a season where we are considering a re-launch.  There is a concept for toddlers called, “parallel play.”  Parallel play is when toddlers are doing their own thing next to each other thinking that they’re playing with each other. In some ways, I feel that this describes our church.  We have so many humble and faithful servants of God who are pouring out their lives faithfully in their respective ministries, but many of us feel alone in our mission and ministry. Also, there have been many people who have had a challenging time connecting with the church members on a deeper level.  All of this is a natural occurrence that many churches face over time.  This is why I believe that now is the time for us to gather together as a whole family and re-launch our church.

The church is God’s missional force in this world. The church is what God uses to fulfill His redemptive work. And now, we have the opportunity to establish ourselves as an enduring faith community that will last far into the future.  We have the opportunity to love one another as we experience God’s love to us in Christ Jesus.  We have the opportunity to pour our lives into something that is greater than us and simultaneously life-giving to us.  I believe that God is doing something absolutely amazing in our church right now.  I believe that He is calling us to hear Him, know Him, and respond to Him.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ moves and is on the move.  It begins in God, makes itself manifest in Jesus Christ, and empowers you and me through the Holy Spirit living and moving in us.  This movement of God in us is illustrated in Jesus’ final words in this world:

6 So when the apostles were with Jesus, they kept asking him, “Lord, has the time come for you to free Israel and restore our kingdom?7 He replied, “The Father alone has the authority to set those dates and times, and they are not for you to know. 8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywherein Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. – Acts 1:6-8

With all of this being said, we are asking for people who feel called to this new movement at Convergence to commit to being a part of this new launch team.  So far, we have 29 committed people who have said yes this past Sunday and we believe that there are more that will be committing through this week as word gets out.

Jeff Chou, one of our Convergence elders, has felt called to lead the strategic implementation of this re-launch and has laid out a brief outline of what this process will look like below.  We don’t have everything figured out. Why? One of our core tenets is to hear God.  This is a continual aspect of our lives and this is what we will continue to do as we move forward.  We do, however, know that we feel convicted to move forward in this re-launch process and that our God is faithful and good!!!


Stepping out in faith with you,


Pastor Bobby


Outline of Re-Launch Process

We’re planning the re-launch to happen in 3 phases.  We’re calling these phases “Listening & Learning”, “Planning”, and finally, “Launching”.  Each phase lasts between 2-4 months.

In the “Listening & Learning” phase we’ll be going through time of hearing from God, hearing from each other, assessing where we are as a church, and who we are as people.  The church is going to be investing in us by sending us to a leadership conference in August.

We’ll then move into a phase of “Planning” what Convergence 2.0 will look like.  This phase will be characterized by more frequent meetings, which will include planning church service and ministries logistically, but also times of fellowship and breaking bread together.  For a period of 6 weeks in September and October, we will be meeting twice a week.  Once on Sunday afternoon, and once during the mid week.  We’re asking people on the re-launch team to commit to attending at least 4 of the 6 weeks of this intensive.

The “Launching” phase starts on November 1st, and will run through January of 2016.  We’ll roll out our new service and ministries format, and have a couple months to tweak and fine tune things as we go along.

The elder team at Convergence would love to serve with any and all who feel called to join this process.  We believe that our church is comprised of uniquely gifted individuals whom God will use to shape and define the future of the church.  The elder team has no preconceived notions as to what the church should look like at the re-launch – this is truly an opportunity to create alongside brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is definitely not a light commitment.  We believe that along this journey we will be challenged into better listening to, knowing, and responding to God.  It is through our response that we hope to re-launch a church to reach the lost and give hope to the hopeless.

If you feel that God is calling you into committing to the re-launch team, please contact Jeff ( or 510-676-7447), and we will be in touch with next steps!


Leading the charge,



2015 Project Peace Speaker Series: Segregated

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Project PeaceThe Project Peace Speaker Series is pleased to partner with local agencies and faith based groups, to discuss how public policies have segregated the East Bay. How can we as people of faith engage in this topic and be a part of a community-wide solution? How do we as citizens and people of faith work together with the broader community? We will explore this topic with a featured keynote by Richard Rothstein and Ben McBride followed by a panel discussion and exhibitors’ fair.


Segregated: How Public Policy Segregated the East Bay and What We Can Do About It

Keynote: Richard Rothstein & Reverend Ben McBride

Panel: Amy Fitzgerald Executive Director of OCO, Sandhya Jha Founder & Director of the Oakland Peace Center & Director of Interfaith Programs for the East Bay Housing Organizations, Reginald Lyles 30 Year Law Enforcement Veteran & Senior Policy Advisor for Public Safety to former Mayor Jean Quan, & Richard Rothstein Research Associate of the Economic Policy Institute and Senior Fellow of the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy at the University of California (Berkeley) School of Law

Exhibitor Fair:  featuring local agencies contributing to the restoration of our communities


Engaging your congregation/faith community

We hope that you will partner with us in furthering this important conversation.

Focusing on social media/email campaigns to reduce waste.  Please, promote and ask your congregations to do the same.


Postcard for distribution- available upon request for liturgies, small groups, etc…

Registration is now OPEN- This is a free event, however to underwrite the cost we are asking those who are able to “purchase tickets” REGISTER HERE


For more information or request postcards-


Family Night!

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In partnership with the City of Oakland and the DeFremery Recreation Center, we’ve been hosting monthly Family Nights for the West Oakland community with free dinner, followed by a time of activities, games, and prizes.  Please join us on Thursday, April 30th for a science themed Family Night!  We will have fun experiments for families to enjoy!


Come Join Us this Sunday Evening!

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Renovate_SimpleGraphic Dear Convergence Family,


In case you haven’t heard, we are having a gathering on November 2nd from 5pm to 8pm called “Renovate.”  What is this? and Why are we doing this?


In any journey, there comes a moment when it is both healthy and necessary to pause, reflect, reassess, and adjust.  We’re about to begin our seventh year as a church and I believe that we are at that moment.  There are things to be pruned, things to be cultivated, and new things to be imagined! In order to grow into the future as a healthy and vibrant church, we need all of us as a diverse and unified body of Christ to pour into the establishing of our church for the future.  We need our whole presence and our whole participation so that we can truly be a whole church.  Even if you’ve joined our church in the last week, this is an opportunity to jump in and be a part of shaping our future.


You can find details for “Renovate” (how to RSVP, location, time, etc.) HERE.  I really want to encourage you to RSVP and join us!



In partnership with you,



Pastor Bobby



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Renovate_SimpleGraphicWHO: Everyone who calls Convergence their church community.

WHAT: This will be an event that will be our launching pad for 2015. Our purpose is to share a meal together, fellowship, hear each others’ experiences of Convergence (good and bad), testify of God’s movement in our lives, and envision our future.

WHY: In any journey, there comes a moment when it is both healthy and necessary to pause, reflect, reassess, and adjust.  We’re about to begin our seventh year as a church and we are at that moment.  There are things to be pruned, things to be cultivated, new things to be imagined! In order to grow into the future as a healthy and vibrant church, we need all of you.  We need your whole presence and your whole participation so that we can truly be a whole church.  Even if you’ve joined our church in the last week, this is the opportunity to jump in and be a part of shaping our future.

WHEN: November 2 from 5pm-8pm.

WHERE: West Oakland Senior Center (1724 Adeline St.)



Family Night!

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Please join us on Thursday, September 25th for Family Night!!  We will be doing a scavenger hunt!  Dinner will begin at 6PM and we will be doing the scavenger hunt from 6:45-7:30PM.  If you have any questions or are interested in joining the Family Night team, please contact Rebecca at


Day in the Park Photo Booth!

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Thank you for coming out to Day in the Park!  We hope that you were able to relax and enjoy such a beautiful day!  Please check out the Photo Booth pictures from this event!

Oakland Citizenship Forum

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Come join us for the Oakland Citizenship Forum on Tuesday 3/12 from 7:00-9:00 pm.

CCDA has grown in its awareness of the importance for local and national advocacy with issues that press in on our marginalized communities. For several years CCDA has advocated for immigration reform and this year at our National Conference, Michelle Alexander, the author of the seminal text The New Jim Crow, will address the issue of Incarceration and its negative impacts on the Black and Latino communities. She will discuss how the two incarceration “wars,” the war on drugs and the war on immigration, are intricately connected. At the Oakland Citizenship Forum, hosted by Convergence Covenant Church, you’ll have the opportunity to hear about PICO’s (People Improving Communities Through Organizing) Citizenship Campaign and learn about the connections between incarceration, immigration and citizenship from Michael-Ray Mathews and Noel Castellanos.

Here is the link to register for this free event held at Convergence Covenant Church located at DeFremery Park Community Center, 1651 Adeline St. Oakland, CA 94607.

A Thank-You Note from MLK Elementary

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This summer, we took a love offering for MLK Elementary School teacher Lindsey Smallwood’s classroom supplies and materials. We received a package of thank-you notes, pictures, and drawings from Lindsey and her students telling us how the supplies have made a difference in their learning. Here’s what Lindsey said:

Thank you so much friends at Convergence Church for your incredible generosity toward me and my students at MLK. We have made use of the money you’ve donated for so many classroom items and projects, including: books, notebooks and paper, markers, crayons, pencils, supplies to make a volcano, recess equipment like jump ropes and balls, photos and compassess to create a neighborhood map, materials for a science experiment and much more! Your gifts have been such a blessing to our little classroom and words can’t express how grateful I am.

Thank you Convergence for stepping up to invest in Lindsey and her wonderful students!

Habitat for Humanity Update

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Craig and Ted, Habitat for Humanity, September 2011


Here’s an update from the leader of our last Habitat for Humanity outing, Ted Huynh:

Habitat for Humanity is an organization dedicated to help those in need of safe and affordable homes who are currently living in undesirable and potentially dangerous housing. As part of a monthly commitment, Convergence volunteers spend time one Saturday a month to help build these homes in East Oakland, in the hope of loving others in the community through physical work and developing community that may not exist in many areas. This past month (September 2011) we continued to help build the second part of the Kinsell Commons development, which is rehabilitating a formerly dilapidated and dangerous area of Oakland. We worked on painting, cleaning, and laying down marmoleum tiling – tough work! But the conversations and work involved really allow myself to be involved with the community in a different context than usual and was really worth my time. Take the time to come check it out with us! We help Habitat for Humanity every third Saturday of the month.


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