Passion Week – Good Friday & Easter 2011

April 20, 2011 by  
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Dear Convergence Family,

As I’ve been going through Passion Week, I’ve been reflecting on Christ’s life, his death, and the hope of Easter because of his resurrection.  I’ve been wrestling with how much I get this and how much I don’t get it.  I get it “in my head” but I don’t always get it deep in my heart and soul.  There is a quote from Martin Luther that rings so loud within me and can explain my sentiments of getting it and not getting it:


“Man is so evil that all he can see is what he should do to be righteous.  He is so evil that he cannot see what Christ has done for him to be righteous.”

More and more, I realize how much I truly need Christ my savior… I want to encourage you to pause and take some moments this week to reflect on Jesus, His amazing love, and the truth of His sacrifice for you and me.


We’re going to be gathering this Friday night (Good Friday) to take some time and consider the magnitude of Christ’s sacrifice.  Please join us at 7pm at Preservation Park. There’s more info at:


Then, this Sunday we’re going to celebrate RESURRECTION!!!  This is the reason we live.  This is the reason we gather together every Sunday.  This is the foundation of everything we believe and ultimately affects every aspect of our lives.  Invite a friend.  Invite a stranger.  Invite your enemy.  Let’s share the good news that death is not the end, but that Christ is risen!!!


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bobby Lee