Barbecue Spirituality

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This week’s post comes from Pastor Bobby

I was barbecuing the other day and thinking about the meat I was cooking. I was thinking about the marinade and how delicious it was going to be. The meat had been sitting in the marinade for more than an entire day. It was thoroughly soaked and I knew that every bite would be incredibly flavorful.

The last time I barbecued, however, wasn’t quite the same experience. I was grilling chicken and didn’t have time to marinate the meat and so I ended up brushing the sauce on. I tried to rigorously brush to see if the sauce would penetrate the meat even more, but all of my efforts failed. Although the chicken looked flavorful and tasty, it came out tasting dry and flavorless.

Of course, since I’m a pastor, I started thinking about our lives in the midst of my barbecue experience. I thought about how necessary it is to be thoroughly soaked in the Spirit and the Word. I think; however, that more often than not, we try and give a last minute effort and “brush on” spirituality when we need it. We approach God in our times of trial and suffering, but don’t necessarily “soak” in His presence. We read a scripture here and there. We pray here and there. We attend a church function here and there. It’s like brushing on barbecue sauce. The irony is that although we “look” spiritual and appear to be rich in flavor (like when Jesus likens us to being the salt of the earth), we’re really dry and flavorless in our faith. A “brushed on” spirituality is just that… Brushed on. It’s not really in us.

As we enter into our new sermon series through the book of Romans, our hope is that we will “soak” in the Scriptures and allow it and the Spirit to sink deeply into our souls. In order to help facilitate this soaking, we’re creating Life Group curriculum that coincides with the sermons to help us dig deeper into the Scriptures each week. If you haven’t engaged with a Life Group yet, I want to encourage you, or better yet, challenge you to do so. I believe it will make significant difference in your life and journey as a follower of Jesus.

We begin our new sermon series this Sunday and our Life Groups will be starting with the new curriculum next week so there’s still time to begin soaking with us!  Let’s be truly flavorful to the world as we are fully marinated in Christ!

Click here for more information on our Life Groups and I truly hope to see you this Sunday!

In His Amazing Grace,

Pastor Bobby