Together in Mission!

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Together in Mission

Dear Convergence Family,

I’m on a plane right now heading to a denominational gathering in Pasadena. As I have been preparing for the conference, I have been encouraged and reinvigorated by the reality that we don’t do ministry alone. The reality is: we are part of a larger family on mission. In fact, I am going to be leading worship with a group of musicians that I’ve never met before, yet I know that we are bonded by the blood of Christ, which unites us at a soul level. Knowing this, I am stepping into our time together with confidence because I know we are on mission together. I know that the gospel of Jesus courses through our veins. I know that we are truly covenant family.

The gathering itself is one where pastors and leaders from different churches, places, spaces, contexts, and communities will join together to worship Christ and engage with one another. It is a beautiful mosaic of God’s global family. We are not competing, but rather collaborating. We are not pointing out shortcomings, but embracing one another on this messy journey of faith.

So, be encouraged… You are not alone. God is with you, we are with you, and we are on Christ’s mission together!!!

On the journey with you,

Pastor Bobby