“Reluctance says I have to give something. Gratitude says I have something to give.”

These words spoken by Gary Walter, the president of our denomination, has continued to resonate deeply within me since I heard them earlier this year. Since then, passages that speak of rootedness in Christ, meditating on God’s words day and night, trusting in God alone, and being powered by the Spirit… all have taken on new and very critical meanings.

A scarcity mindset is often the result of very real challenges in our lives that consume our attention while distancing us from God’s presence, power, and purposes. I have experienced much of this as of late. But this mindset is also detrimental as it manifests itself in a posture of reluctance with very little gratitude, if any.

The thing is, when the stakes are low and life feels manageable, its easy to talk or think about God and spirituality as something outside of us. But when we are pushed to our limits and life begins to feel less manageable, it is then when we must realize that God was never meant to occupy the space around our lives, but allowed the sacred space within that breathes continuous and overflowing life into everything we say and do.

My hope and prayer for us all is that we would experience and live out lives of gratitude. I don’t mean a visible gratitude of course with fake smiles or happy status updates. But rather a deep and overflowing gratitude that is rooted in the reality that God is sovereign, merciful, powerful, and relentlessly faithful no matter what we face.

Lastly, know that if God calls you into something that is outside of your resources, chances are it is intentional so that you will learn to draw from something greater than yourself to accomplish it (hint: THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!!).

Your brother and servant in Christ,