Serving Opportunities

We believe that serving others is an integral part of the Christian walk. At Convergence, there are many different avenues to get involved – take a look at the list below, and help us create and grow!

Worship • Have a musical talent that needs a Godly outlet?  With some fairly diverse music sets and arrangements, there are ways to serve on our worship team beyond the “traditional” approach. (

NextGen • We believe that the next generation is critically important to God, as well as the community.

Hospitality • Snacks and refreshments on Sundays don’t appear out of thin air.  The hospitality team organizes the spread every Sunday and can always use welcoming and helping hands on deck! (

Tech • Tech ministry has many different opportunities to serve, including slide projection and soundboard.  We’re also looking for people interested in social media, web tech, and podcasting! (